Female Infertility Screen

The work up of female infertility involves concurrent evaluation of the male partner due  to the cause of infertility arising from  factors that involve both partners 50% of the time.

In addition to  a  medical history & physical exam, evaluation of infertility in females include blood work evaluating  ovarian reserve and causes of anovulation. 

Biochemical assessment of ovarian reserve include  measurement of FSH, Estradiol, and AMH three days after menstruation. Initial assessment of anovulation involve measurement of TSH, Prolactin, and  FSH.




No Fasting required. 


In 24 hours following blood collection. 

1. AMH
2. Estradiol (Estrogen)
3. FSH
4. TSH
5. Prolactin


As part of a diagnostic work up in a female with infertility.