Nutritional Health Panel 

Measure levels of important Vitamins and Minerals in your body including Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Serum Folate, RBC Folate, Iron and Magnesium. 



Fast for 12 hours (no food or drink, except water).


In 72 hours following blood collection. 


1. Electrolytes Including Magnesium. 

2. Folate and RBC Folate: Folate is a water-soluble B vitamins that is an essential for DNA synthesis. Low Folate can lead to birth defects in newborns, as well as anemia causing causing excessive fatigue, muscle weakness, numbness and tingling in the hands & feet. Serum Folate provides an early index of Folate status in the body. RBC Folate is indicator of long-term status of Folate storage in the body and is less sensitive to fluctuations in serum concentrations due to changes in diet.

3. B12- Screens for low B12 which can cause low hemoglobin, depression, irritability, depression, changes in ability to think, recall, as well as impact how you feel, behave, and your ability to walk.

4. Hemoglobin. 


1.If your concerned about Vitamin deficiencies 

2.If your taking supplements of Vitamin B12/Magnesium/Folate/Vitamin D and want to monitor and measure  blood levels.